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SABS Approved and 100% BEE
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About us

Zikhona is 100% BEE owned and operated. Starting in 2004 with a permanent staff compliment of 8 people, Zikhona now provides over 100 direct jobs, and creates 120 in-direct jobs for emerging enterprises and SMME's.

Zikhona produces various types of bricks including high quality face bricks in various colours, and currently supply to the Eastern and Southern Cape, including all municipalities within these regions.

Zikhona Bricks is an approved supplier for all building divisions in the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Municipality, and are also approved by the Bisho Government and the Coega Development Corporation.

We have a high manufacturing capability, our current capacity is 60 000 blocks or 225 000 bricks per day.

We have currently manufactured and supplied well over fifty million blocks shipped to various parts of the Eastern Cape and are one the largest, by volume, manufacturers in PE.